How to Initiate

TogetherPapergirl is an open source project and we fully endorse others to start a project of their own. You will find some general principles on how the project works in our FAQ below. If you have decided you want to continue and set up a new Papergirl, you should get started by registering here!

After you have registered you will get an e-mail notification. Once your profile is manually approved, you will get a confirmation! Then you can start to set up a profile for your Papergirl project and fill the calendar section with dates, deadlines, news and more optional content. This will help prospective participants to get an overview and to get in touch with you.


How do I start?
What are the main steps?
Who can initiate?
Are there any preconditions?
What do the above mentioned principles mean?
Can I get any support?
How long does it take to organize the project?
Can Papergirl be sponsored or financed?
How can I volunteer?